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Our whole body approach combines nutrition, lifestyle modification and cutting-edge testing to get to the root of the issue.

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“60% of adults in the US have a chronic condition.”* Many of which are modifiable or reversible.

*The Centers for Disease Control

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As a child I was taught that nutrition may be the solution to most physical problems; that every illness or ailment could be resolved with a natural ingredient. Growing up, I watched my mother create a nutritional lifestyle that allowed my father to live approximately 30 years past his life expectancy, as he battled heart disease.

As a young child this became an influential part of my life, feeding my passion for nutrition. I no longer saw eating as solely a source of fuel, a form of pleasure or something to do when I was bored, but a gateway to health and wellbeing.

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What our patients say

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One of the most amazing and caring physicians I have met. Dr Nancy takes the time to discuss all possible medical alternatives for her patience. She is always patient and understanding as well as very punctual. I am fascinated about how she is always studying new innovative medical options for her patients. I highly recommend Dr Nancy.

Farshad Sassounian

on Google

Dr Nancy took so much time with me to dig in and start finding the root of my problems. She is knowledgeable and professional but most of all kind and caring.

alison malizzi

on Google

She is so caring, knowledgeable & kind & considerate.

Shahab Binafard

on Google

My Dr. Nancy, is an insightful caring and knowledgeable warrior against Obesity. She will guide and help you towards your goals always with a wonderful infectious smile and laugh. She has a staff of assistants, Tiffany and Mirium, who also make you feel safe and comfortable on each visit on your journey towards health. It has been two years and 110 LBs of lost weight. I couldn't be more pleased as we continue our journey. Thank You, Dr Nancy!!

Clent Bowers

on Google

Dr. Nancy was so helpful and empathetic with what I was going through. She took a holistic approach and spent ample time getting to the root of my issues. I highly recommend her!

Dana Eitches

on Google

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nancy Rahnama over the last 3 months. She took the most comprehensive history of any physician I have ever encountered and worked diligently with me to solve what has been a lifelong challenge. I have already lost 25 pounds and my weekly migraines have disappeared. I feel better than I have in decades. Dr. Nancy is warm, attentive, and knowledgeable and her staff are helpful and competent. I recommend her services with the highest enthusiasm. I only wish I had discovered her years ago!

Carola Suárez-Orozco

on Google

Found Dr. Nancy to be very engaging and knowledgeable. She spent considerable time getting to know me to work out a useful road. Was impressed and would highly recommend her.

Rick Shuman

on Google

Dr Nancy is the best Dr ever!!! Smart, thoughtful , compassionate , deliberate and fun. Her office staff is equally wonderful. I highly recommend her , she will help you teach your goals without a doubt.

julie ariola

on Google

Knowledgeable, supportive doctor and super friendly and helpful staff. The offices are gorgeous.

anna getty

on Google

I’ve been a patient of Dr Nancy’s for a year now and I can’t say enough good things. She is the best. Incredibly effective, when everything else nutritionally hasn’t worked — it does with her. I’ve referred several friends who who all rave about her as well. In addition to being effective, she is incredibly compassionate and encouraging on the journey to meeting your health and nutritional goals. She always knows how to strike a balance between honesty and empathy. And she is incredibly knowledgeable. Her staff is also the best. They make her patients feel safe and supported. Truly can’t say enough good things....

Shannon Buck

on Google

Nancy helped me keep up with the 20 ‘s in the gym and I’m in my late 40’s fabulous service and results , I highly recommend her

marc sonnenthal

on Google